The Water Buffalo Leather Collection

Loved by the discerning for its distinctive look, the Coleman Baines Water Leather Buffalo Collection is truly gorgeous.

Water Buffalo is a beautiful and distinctive top grade leather.  It looks expensive and aged with a warm- looking matte appearance. It’s texture is slightly grippy to the touch and this helps make it durable and yet despite this it is incredibly soft to the touch.

Water Buffalo is up to three times thicker than cow hide which means it is very strong and long lasting. Every item is unique and carries its own characteristics making each piece unique. 

The leather is really east to look after and cared for properly it will last a lifetime. 

Follow these simple rules to keep your treasured items in good condition.

  • Wipe away dust and light marks with a soft cloth 
  • Avoid water as this will damage leather. If it gets wet wipe or blot it away and leave to dry away from artificial heat
  • Take care not to knock with jewellery or anything sharp as leather will scratch 
  • Do not store in direct sunlight or next to direct heat as this may cause leather to dry and crack
  • Treat with Coleman Baines Leather Balsam regularly to keep it soft and supple

The Water Buffalo Collection is available in a Hinged Lid Cartridge Box, Shotgun Slip, Cartridge Pouch and Cartridge Bag. What will you choose?

Coleman Baines